Sisters of Sound

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The Sisters of Sound are a dynamic, energetic, FULLY LIVE band that have one sole purpose - To make your event stand out from everybody else

2 lead female vocals and 3 male backing vocalists conjure the most amazing harmonies and this gives us the edge over other bands as we can create a much fuller vocal sound with no restrictions song ranges, be it a Ballad, Rock song, Country, Trad, Pop and even Rap!

All the members of the SISTERS OF SOUND are dedicated full time musicians who are highly motivated and love their job.  When it comes to weddings, our set is as individual as the people that are there.  We cater for what the people want, not for what we think they want.

SISTERS OF SOUND will also learn YOUR choice of first song, as part of Your package

CLICK HERE to see samples of our setlist, but do not feel restricted to this, if YOU want a song just let us know, the SISTERS OF SOUND love a challenge.

The SISTERS OF SOUND wedding set is typically 2 1/2 hours long (sometimes longer) with a small break.  Music is played during the break so there no dead air in the room

The SISTERS OF SOUND have helped make very many peoples wedding day a day worth remembering, but we don't expect you to take our word for it.  We have lots of satisfied clients who are only too happy to give references an testimonies as to the service we provide. Here is an example from weddings on line review: